Journey Across the Alps
Director: Oliver Becker
Distributor: Bernhard Fleischer Moving Images
Lenght: 55 mins.
4:3 | stereo & 5.1 surround sound
© 2003, a co-production with Lawine Torrén, Sölden & Red Bull
200 years B.C., the mil­it­ary lead­er Han­ni­bal crossed the Alps, march­ing from France to­wards Italy to­geth­er with 60,000 Afric­ans, Celts, Span­iards, thou­sands of horses and 37 ele­phants. 2,200 years later this story is re­told by ori­gin­at­or and stage dir­ect­or Hubert Lep­ka with the use of con­tem­por­ary means: air­crafts as an­tique gods, snow cats as ele­phants or mo­to­cross and ski­doo armies...
The group of Law­ine Torrèn to­geth­er with hun­dreds of co-star­ring par­ti­cipants from Sölden/Tyr­ol and the Fly­ing Bulls (avi­ation ac­robats of Red Bull) put the an­tique drama on stage. And what a stage: the Retten­bach gla­ci­er at 3000 meters above sea level – noth­ing but moun­tains, snow and ice; where nature de­term­ines the drama and ul­ti­mately rules everything.
Hubert Lep­ka: "What fas­cin­ates me about this story is that an Afric­an world power - Carthage - at the height of ar­rog­ance and van­ity was sure of its in­flu­ence. It was then pro­voked and chal­lenged by young, cocky Ro­mans, and there was one man who saw the chance of a life­time, to use one unique idea to end this pro­voca­tion. Han­ni­bal. He came from the oth­er side, of the Alps to be ex­act, laid siege to Italy but then right at the cru­cial mo­ment, did not take Rome it­self. If that had been dif­fer­ent, none of us would be here now."

"Han­ni­bal" was tele­vised and is also avail­able on a DVD which in­cludes the mak­ing-of as bo­nus ma­ter­i­al.