Beethovenfest Bonn 2013
Plaza Cast
Münsterplatz Bonn
SO 29 SEP 2013, 8 p.m.
Re­volu­tion­ary Strength:
Lud­wig van Beeth­oven: Fi­delio, Op­era in 2 acts op. 72, (half-scen­ic per­form­ance)

At last: in 2013 the Deutsche Kam­mer- phil­har­monie Bre­men, the "or­ches­tra in res­id­ence" at the Beeth­oven­fest Bonn takes on Beeth­oven’s only op­era "Fi­delio". With its char­ac­ter­ist­ic dy­nam­ic and in­spir­ing mu­sic­al per­form­ance, the en­semble will give this op­era of res­cue and lib­er­a­tion speed and strength, a strength that Beeth­oven took from the mod­els of re­volu­tion­ary France. Guid­ing them on this jour­ney is their artist­ic dir­ect­or Paavo Järvi.
The semi-stage pro­duc­tion of ‘Fi­delio’ was heard by 3000 people in the Beeth­oven­halle and again 3000 at the plaza cast on the Mar­ket square.

Burkhard Fritz, Florest­an
Cécile Per­rin, Le­onore
De­tlef Roth, Don Fernando
Ev­geny Nikitin, Don Pizarro
Dmitri Ivashchen­ko, Rocco
Mo­jca Erd­mann, Mar­zel­line
Ju­li­an Prégardi­en, Ja­quino
Ul­rich Tukur, re­citer
Deutscher Kam­mer­chor
Mi­chael Al­ber, chor­al re­hears­als
Die Deutsche Kam­merphil­har­monie Bre­men
Paavo Järvi, con­duct­or